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There has been much discussion about my decision to endorse Mike Duggan for Mayor. Many of you have called, text, and used social media to express your approval or disapproval of my decision. To set the record straight as I shared August 21st on the Angelo Henderson Show, I have kept my integrity throughout this mayoral campaign from the time I announced my candidacy in February 2012 all the way through the endorsement process that resulted in me choosing Mr. Duggan over Mr. Napoleon. Trust me Detroit, I did not take this process lightly or make my decision haphazardly.

Regarding the break in at my house on Tuesday August 20th, I would like to thank all the kindness and support from so many who helped me through a very scary situation. (Yes, I did hide under the bed and yes I have a high bed) I want to thank my neighbors first and for your quick response in helping to scare the bad guys away and giving the police a description of the number of guys and their appearance. Thank you to the officers and investigative team within the Detroit Police Department for your timely response, dedication and commitment. You gave me some excellent suggestions for how to better secure my home including buying a shotgun and getting a CPL. I want to thank Ms. Edith Johnson, who was on the phone with me when I heard the break-in taking place, for calling 911. Edith along with her husband came over after the break-in and helped with the cleanup and to keep me calm. For the record, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT A CURRENT OR ANY FORMER MAYORAL CANDIDATES WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BREAK IN.

In the heat of the moment, those thoughts came to my mind since many of you on Facebook were upset about my endorsement. Aside from the endorsement, some have questioned my run for mayor. Let me set the record straight again once and for all. I did not run for mayor during the primary to help another candidate, but to improve the quality of life for the residents of Detroit. Let the record show, I announced my run for Mayor in February 2012. Benny Napoleon and Mike Duggan announced their run for Mayor in 2013. Therefore, I was the first to announce my candidacy. I ran for Mayor to WIN, but I came up a few thousand votes short of my goal. Nevertheless, I would like to thank everyone that supported me and voted for me.

The day after the August 6 primary, both candidates reached out to me and asked for a meeting to discuss an endorsement. I honored their requests. When we met, I made it clear that I would not be making an endorsement of either candidate right away, but would be taking some time to myself which included a trip to Indiana for a speaking engagement. When I returned, I shared with both candidates that I would meet with them a second time to have an even more substantive conversation about how their candidacies aligned with my vision and priorities for the City of Detroit.

Over a two week period of time speaking with the candidates, asking questions, doing due diligence and making my own assessment of both candidates and their capabilities to effect positive change in our neighborhoods, I found that Mike Duggan overwhelmingly met my criteria. Furthermore, he embraced my vision for where I would like see Detroit and its future. We agreed that Detroit’s assets need to be used to generate revenue for the city. We need to use the Coleman A. Young International Airport to create jobs for Detroiters and we must improve the quality of life for residents in our neighborhoods by giving them access to opportunity and by getting rid of blight.

I respect both candidates’ efforts and willingness to lead Detroit forward. I understand that some may not approve of my endorsement while others may. I respect your right to choose to whom you will offer your support. Your vote is your vote and your decision is your decision. As voters and residents of this great city, I encourage free thought and ask you to make your own assessment as to who should lead Detroit. We can agree to disagree on my decision, but at the end of the day, we must come to terms with the present condition of our city and work to build coalitions and offer solutions to fix the ills of our community. One man in the Mayor’s office cannot do it alone. It’s going to take a team of talent to turn Detroit around for the good of the whole; not just a few, whether black or white.

I made my decision. You don’t have to like it, but I ask you to respect it. In the spirit of unity, I love you Detroit and respect your decision and your right to vote for whom you please.

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  1. sbanicki

    Aug 22, 2013  at 6:09 pm

    Good luck to you.


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